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Evident Consulting offers a range of bespoke consultancy services to help our clients develop their ideas into tangible projects and outcomes. Evident Consulting draws upon the expertise of a wide network of associates to match the needs and ambitions of each of our clients - ensuring best fit for each project and exceptional value for money.

RESEARCH – we ask the right questions and find the right answers

Every project requires insight understanding and wisdom. Evident has its roots in the highest quality international socio-economic research. We understand that robust qualitative and qualitative research not only sets the context in which projects evolve, but ensures success in later stages. We take clients from first principles of defining the questions, designing the research methods, identifying data sources, creating appropriate consultation frameworks, ensuring robust comparison of information, applied analysis and clear reporting.

Feasibility studies are heavily dependent on robust research and we have successfully tested the feasibility of projects in economic development, education and skills, community projects, heritage, social impact bonds.

Even if you are not sure of the questions you need to ask, please – we can help.

EVALUATION – learning and growing from understanding what works and why

Our extensive experience in evaluation and its theory confirm that this is an essential project management component allowing organisations, project managers and stakeholders to make informed decisions throughout about future direction by taking heed of the lessons of the recent past. In addition, timely and robust evaluation not only enables projects to demonstrate outcomes and value for money to funders, but can form an essential part of attracting further investment and resources.

Some funders require evaluation, we can assist clients in putting in place systems for collecting evidence early in the project lifecycle so that evaluation becomes and embedded and simple activity.

STRATEGY – planning to deliver a vision for the future and setting out how to get there

Evident Consulting has a strong track record in taking an idea from blank page to fully actioned strategic delivery plan. We help organisations with high-level decisions that enable them to deliver their vision by addressing the questions "what do we need to do?”, “why do we need to do it?”, “how do we get there?” and “how do we judge success?”.

We have worked with clients to develop strategies in economic development, business support, charity and community development, heritage.

FUNDING – ensuring visions are delivered through a sustainable financial base

Evident Consulting offers over 20 years’ experience of success in grant funding applications from UK funders in the public sector or trusts and European funders including INTERREG, ESF and ERDF. While grant funding is an important part of our clients income, we have since 2013 been at the forefront of innovation in funding, notably in developing social investment through Social Impact Bonds. The nature of delivering public services is changing and Evident Consulting is at the forefront of innovation through social investment.

If your organisation needs to secure a sustainable financial future, we know we can help unlock funding and investment.

BUSINESS PLANNING – outcomes for communities depend on the health of those organisations that serve them

Business planning and writing a compelling business case is key, not only to unlocking a project in its early stages and building credibility with partners and funders, but is also essential as a project management tool. At Evident Consulting, we ensure that our business planning work is embedded within the client organisation because we understand that you are the ones who have to believe in it and deliver it.

Whether you at the begging of a project or an established organisation that is looking to grow and evolve we can provide you with the support and expertise to produce realistic, measurable and compelling business plans or business cases.